It’s 15 year old me’s dream come true: The teacher I adore wants me and is more than willing to do what I’ve always dreamed of him doing. He’s still a teacher and I’m barely now 20. He’s married with 3 kids, and I myself, am in a relationship of one year. I feel terrible for considering cheating, but this teacher is basically the one person I know that I’ve always known I would bend the rules for if the chance arose. I’m nervous, but also excited. It’s surreal, really.

Sex - 3 months ago

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I’m currently in a relationship and he always yell at me. No matter what I do it’s like I never do anything right. He has gotten so upset with me that he has pushed me and constantly yells at me. He always thinks I’m lying yet I am telling the truth. I now find myself wishing and fantasizing bad things happening to him so he can feel the pain I feel when he treats me the way he does. It’s like when things don’t make sense to him he thinks the worse of me. sad

Relationships - 3 months ago

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I told my coworker that I have feelings for her. I’m married. My coworker is completely creeped out by me now. She told another coworker, who gave me The Talk about sexual harassment. My job is safe for now, I hope. The only thing I can do is give her space and leave her alone. I thought I was doing OK, but I guess I need to work harder. My wife doesn’t know. Hopefully she never will.

Work - 3 months ago

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